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Fertilty • Birth • Parenting
Courses and Therapy in Brighton & Hove and Lewes 

Thanks for your interest!   


In-person Hypnobirthing courses are now suspended due to the extraordinary circumstances we all find ourselves in.


 I'm available for online and telephone support (in-person too - I have an enormous garden!) and am formatting my knowledge into easily-sharable snippets to offer quick courses, full courses and anything in between that will help you keep calm and get resourced for your best possible birth during this mad and crazy time.


You don't have to 'do' hypnobirthing in order to benefit by the way.  Some of it's very simple relaxation techniques will help you feel calm and stable during all this uncertainty ...

All info/support is free or by-donation.  So please don't feel anxious or isolated, I've got loads of experience and resources at my fingertips and am really happy to put them to good use!

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Karen xxx