As a Solution Focused Psychotherapist and Hypnotherapist I offer individual sessions to help you achieve your birth and family goals.  Using a combination of psychotherapeutic and mind/body techniques, I focus on various key issues:



Fertility issues are experienced by many couples at the beginning of their journey to parenthood. 

Not becoming pregnant when you've been trying or else not maintaining pregnancies can be very distressing - not to mention isolating.  The delicate interplay between mind and body can have a very powerful effect on fertility and conception.  Hypnotherapy and solution-oriented therapy are gentle and effective ways of removing anxiety, finding resolution with where you've been and exploring a positive way forward.

I can provide support to enhance either natural or assisted conception as well as a safe space to work through potential issues which may be contributing to fertility challenges.

Please call me for more information.


Birth Trauma & Tokophobia

Birth trauma is worryingly common and the knock-on effects can be far-reaching and long-lasting.  I spent over a decade volunteering for the Birth Trauma Association and heard many instances of the suffering that all too often follows a traumatic experience.


Flashbacks and high anxiety are archetypal trauma symptoms but there are lots of others too - hyper vigilance, sleep issues, emotional numbness, tearfulness, anger . . . the list goes on. 


Using a combination of techniques my approach is to quickly move you through and away from any symptoms you may be having.  You do not have to re-live any aspect of your experience (you don't even have to tell me any details if you don't want to).


If you're yet to give birth (or even conceive) and are feeling expreme anxiety or dread then you're certainly not alone.  An estimated 10% of people (it's not always women) experience tokophobia.


Post Natal

You will never be the same ‘you’ as you were before you became a parent. The post-partum period of life is often emotional and often overwhelming yet rarely in our culture is it adequately planned for.  Pre-birth expectations and plans can be swamped by the daily reality - not just the pressures of caring for a new little person, but the many changes that sweep through all areas of your life, including your relationships, career, friendships and  beliefs.

In addition to helping to extend your hypnobirthing skills (or acquiring new ones if you haven’t done the course) to smooth the way through these life changes. I can also guide you in;
• developing strategies for self-care which will help keep you calm, sane - and even thriving.
• Mindfully planning for your healing (and for your personal growth).
• Simple but powerful ways of carrying out an ongoing ‘life audit’ so that you can ensure you’re getting your needs met and are better resourced to effectively look after your family.